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ITV reporter shouts aIall f***ing bang you outa after man interrupts broadcast

Callum Watkinson asked the man if he had a job himself, then suggested it was likely to be at either McDonald's or Footlocker if so.

Donald Trumpas new doppelgA$?nger is singing ice cream man from Pakistan

He's unlikely to enter US politics anytime soon, but onlookers say heas born to perform.

How cannabis could save the planet in fight against climate change

Experts say there is athere is good reason to by hypeda about hemp's unlikely environmental potential.

Runaway giant tortoise found one mile from home after escaping garden

Titan was taken home in a police van.

Noahas Ark impounded in Ipswich for not having paperwork to say itas seaworthy

The Coastguard said they could not 'rely on the grace of God' to let the boat leave the port.

Woman has heart attack after trying dangerous TikTok trend

Maybe don't try the 'dry scoop challenge'?

Pilot suspended after man duct-taped to helicopter and flown over field

Look away if you're scared of heights.

Man stumbles on rare snow tunnel while rest of UK enjoyed heatwave

It was so big he could stand inside.

Mammoth 520ft superyacht designed with four giant sails and eight decks

This jaw-dropping concept for a lavish boat is something else.

Sheepish man returns flamingo he was filmed stealing from front garden while drunk

'Not the first time I took a bird home and regretted it in the morning'.

Couple find out aabsolutely gorgeous pAC/tA(c)a they were eating was cat food

The family were left howling with laughter at the mishap.

Cop facing sack after saying he stirred colleagueas tea with his genitals

PC Steven Green was described as having a cocky attitude and acting like he owned the place.

People in India warned smearing themselves in cow poo will not fight Covid

There is no evidence that 'cow dung therapy' works.

Teenager accidentally moves into retirement village after skipping flat viewing

Madison Kohout, 19, was left puzzled when all of her new neighbours appeared to be over the age of 65.

Hundreds of Joshes fight in field to crown one true Josh

They armed themselves with pool noodles for the duel, after a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Man returns to his $6,000,000 home to find someone had borrowed it to get married

The couple invited guests to their 'dream home' and even renamed it 'The Wilson's Estate' .

Prince Harryas new job title means apenisa in Japanese

He is now a CHIMPO - which stands for Chief Impact Officer.

Woman said she was hunting for afit fellasa when caught breaking lockdown

Louise Whelan admitted that she was driving around the city looking for hot men.

Prince Philip had fascination with UFOs and collected books about aliens

The Duke of Edinburgh even tasked his attendant with finding UFO eyewitnesses for him.

Curious story of the man who tried to mail himself to Wales from Australia after getting homesick

Brian Robson ended up stuck in a crate for 96 hours and spent much of it upside down.

Washing machine aexplodesa mid-cycle leaving kitchen covered in shrapnel

She thought a bomb had gone off.

Matt Hancock says his bright red office is like a asoothing boudoira

But he insisted: 'Itas just me and my paperwork...'

What and when is the Ides of March?

Beware the Ides of March.

Awkward moment before Meghan and Oprah interview revealed in parody video

The results are spectacularly funny.

Venomous snake found curled up inside teenageras asthma inhaler

The red-bellied black snake slithered out of a pile of washing and found an unusual hiding place.

Massive tit fight breaks out in Scottish park

Scott Williams snapped the tit tussle in his local park.

Mystery secret tunnel unused for centuries is discovered in back garden

The tunnel was found in Tintern, Monmouthshire, which has a 12th century abbey.

Goats that took over Welsh town are now shopping at Primark

The famous mountain goats are clearly in need of some retail therapy in lockdown.

Queenas Balmoral Estate slams dog walkers for littering land with poo bags

aWhy do people do this?a

Mystery as 100 drivers are locked out when keyfobs suddenly stop working at Tesco

In a further bizarre twist, TV regulator Ofcom has been called in to investigate.

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